At Shaw’s Appliance Repair we keep in stock most everything we need on a daily basis to perform our daily repairs and provide you with the best service experience possible.

If your repair requires us to order a part and come back for a second visit to install it, we do not charge you for a second visit.

Kitchen stove and burners

Our service truck parts inventory is computer controlled, monitored & updated and replenished on a daily basis to best meet your needs as our customer. As a factory authorized service provider we are notified when new products enter the market and always do our best to keep on hand the parts we need to provide you with timely service in case you are in need of a repair.

Shaw’s Appliance is committed to providing the best service possible and we only use new Factory Authorized and Approved Parts when doing repairs. We do not use generic, 3rd party, or used parts.

We can provide you with parts for nearly any brand of appliance on the market today.

We buy our parts from several distributors, or direct from the manufacturer, and always keep you the consumer in mind when doing so in order to both save you money, and to keep our operating expenses at a minimum while still providing you with the best timely service possible.

Call Toll-Free for Parts: 1-866-260-6541

We do not sell parts on a retail basis at our office at 996 San Benito Street. We have instead a partnership with our largest parts distributor so that if you are a “do it yourselfer” or just want to purchase replacement parts you can simply call toll free 1-866-260-6541 and order them directly. If the part you need is in stock it will be sent directly to you at your home or place of business, and under normal circumstances you will have it the very next day. Parts are shipped direct from one of our many warehouses on the west coast to best provide you with the parts you want in the shortest amount of time.