About the Owner

Curtis Postle is the owner of Shaw’s Appliance Repair. He began his career in Appliance repair at Montgomery Ward Product Service in 1979 in San Jose, CA. As Montgomery Ward went out of business he moved on to Circuit City Service in Livermore, CA. While at Circuit City he serviced Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties. During that time he relocated to Hollister and bought a home in 1996. As Circuit City also closed its doors, Curtis was recruited by Whirlpool Factory Service in Newark, CA. to open up San Benito and Monterey Counties for factory service for Whirlpool. After this was completed he was offered a position in tech support at Whirlpool but that would mean relocating to Benton Harbor Michigan. Curtis decided to stay in Hollister. As the story goes Whirlpool also closed its factory service division. While working for Montgomery Ward, Circuit City, and Whirlpool, Curtis had become friends with Jim Shaw the original owner of Shaw’s Appliance & the two of them often spoke of Curtis buying the business from Jim as he was close to retirement. Curtis took a job offer from Maytag factory service after Whirlpool closed. During that time the signs were there that Maytag was also about to close its doors on Factory service so Curtis decided in 2004 to buy Shaw’s Appliance from Jim. Curtis went to work for Jim for about a year at Shaw’s and then bought the business from him on May 1, 2005. Curtis has been the proud owner of Shaw’s Appliance since then & has always done his best to utilize all the skills and experience of over 3 decades worth of providing quality Appliance Repair in every job that he does today.

A personal note from Curtis:

I have been repairing appliances since 1979. The last time I did the math I estimated that I have been to over 70 thousand homes. If you can imagine it, I have seen it. I am fortunate that I have a skill set that that has always provided me with a way to earn a decent living and provide for my family. On another level, appliance repair is only the vehicle that serves me with a greater purpose in life. I love to help people. I have on an average day 8 to 10 opportunities to help someone and I love that more than anything. It’s priceless. If I could do it for free I would. I have invested my entire life to this profession. I could have done anything I wanted. I learned early in life that it’s not what you do that satisfies you, but it why you do what you do that makes you happy. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity on a daily basis to fulfill both needs at the same time. I get to meet many wonderful people, make an honest living, and help people every day. It’s pretty awesome. Thank you for letting me be of service!